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Mission Statement

Unfold Media is a publishing and production collective that recognises no one person carries the whole vision. We collaborate with the artists, theologians and entrepreneurs from the HOST community (and beyond) to deliver creative projects which unravel received wisdom and sketch out alternative ways of being. We hope all Unfold projects become personal invitations to liberate the mind, unfold the heart and embody a better way to be human.

Our ways of Seeing

  • Disagreement is generative

  • Nobody sees the whole picture

  • Complexity and nuance are to be embraced

  • All that is real, edges onto mystery and beauty

  • The one who is absent carries something we need

  • Growth comes from dialogue across disciplines and difference

  • Newness often comes with the relinquishment of power and privilege

  • Good relationships are a source of creative abundance, human resilience and joy

  • The structures of the present are unsustainable and we need to find new ways together

  • Challenging norms, common senses, structures, systems and stereotypes is often a brave and noble pursuit

Our ways of Being

As well as our ‘ways of seeing’ and describing what we aim to do, it is important to us that we think about the ways in which this is embodied within the collective.

In other words ‘how we do what we do’.

We have written 31 ‘ways of being’ and have decided to present these, where possible, in the form of a visual piece of art - to remind and refocus us along the unfolding journey.

poster with clips.png


The HOST community have been gathering in Jersey to share ideas and build friendships since 2015; bringing together leading thinkers and practitioners from the fields of theology, philosophy, psychology, organisational theory, arts and the creative industries, religious leadership, entrepreneurship, business, economics and politics.

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