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Yo Ho Journal Vol 3: Black Magic in Whitehouses by Dr Stephen Backhouse

Yo Ho Journal Vol 3: Black Magic in Whitehouses by Dr Stephen Backhouse


Vol 3 is entitled Black Magic in Whitehouses -  and is penned by Dr Stephen Backhouse who is a political theologian interested in the way humans imagine and use power. He is the director of Tent Theology, a venture bringing real theology to churches, networks and businesses. He is the author of the biography Kierkegaard: A Single Life, a couple of church history books, and a number of works critiquing Christian nationalism. He is the host of the Tent Theology podcast and, with Rabbi Avi Finegold, the co-host of The Hyphen, a podcast exploring Judaeo-Christian culture.


Here is a little snippet to whet your appetite...


Magical thinking has not disappeared from the modern political imagination. Politics is not called the ‘dark arts’ for nothing.


Wherever one finds groups and individuals intent on forcing their agenda through the system, silencing their opponents, or decimating their foes with lethal violence, one finds shades of black magic. In service of getting what they want, who among us is not averse to manipulating boardroom membership, stacking church, charity or community organisations with the ‘right’ people, participating in party putsches or enacting ideology purges? Who has not abrogated their responsibility, their voice, their resources or their moral conscience to some promising leader striding across a flag strewn stage, accepting worship and offering the world?

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