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YoHo Journal Vol 5: A Hope Sick World by Dr Richard Beck

YoHo Journal Vol 5: A Hope Sick World by Dr Richard Beck


Vol 5 is entitled A Hope Sick World -  and is penned by Dr Richard Beck who is an award winning author, speaker, blogger and Professor of Psychology at Abilene Christian University.


Here is a little snippet to whet your appetite...


This situation is unique as, prior to the Enlightenment, values were factual. Moral truths, for example, were as factual as robins and rainbows. The verities of religious faith regarding the true, the beautiful, and the good were as obvious and reliable as the rising and setting of the sun.


But in the wake of the Enlightenment, facts have become divorced from value. Facts are facts, and science can reveal these, but values, your beliefs and opinions about how to live your life, morally speaking, these are now up to you. And describing values as “beliefs” and “opinions” here is keenly diagnostic. Since the Enlightenment, values have lost their factual status and have been regulated to the private, subjective sphere, the realm of our personally held beliefs and opinions. Facts remain for us objective and universal, whereas values are considered to be subjective and personal. Values are not “real,” and are now akin to lifestyle choices.


The glue that once cemented facts to values in the ancient world was a teleological vision of the cosmos. This is a critical insight, and concerns a metaphysics of hope: Teleology allows us to extract values from facts. If we know what something is for, we can say whether something is good.




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