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Unfold Sound

Our Musical Arm

Unfold Sound is the musical arm of Unfold Media. We love creative collaborations of all kinds because it takes two to tango and 100 to play a symphony!

Liminal Spaces EP

The original music from Andreaz Hedén composed for the 5 part Noah’s Arkhive Podcast series - Apocalyptic Memories for a New Future has been turned into an EP!

This podcast had been curated from the contemplative, creative and conversational contributions of the Host community during the global pandemic lockdown of 2020-2021.

Each episode and subsequent musical track explores the themes of Emergence, Liminality, Lament, Silence and Imagination.

You can find out more and download the EP on our Bandcamp page  

We will also be releasing the EP on Spotify and other music platforms on 9th July 2021

EP Teaser Video

Imagination Track Video

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