Because no one person sees the whole picture

Unfold Media is a publishing and production collective that recognises no one person sees the whole picture.

We collaborate with the artists, theologians and entrepreneurs from the Host community (and beyond) to deliver creative projects which unravel received wisdom and sketch out alternative ways of being.

(So basically, we get together and make things like journals, books and films about stuff which makes us dance, think, rub our chins, smile and wink.) 


Dressed Up
Laughing Man




Yo Ho Journals

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Ahoy, me hearties

Because no one sees the whole picture, Yo Ho journals introduce rebellious writers to a theme and invite them to sketch out mutinous musings and positive proposals for a new future.

The Yo Ho Journal is intended to be more than a publication. We aim for each Journal to be an artefact, a collectors item. We hope that the spines of these iconically designed pocket books will grace the bookshelves of rebels and
freebooters the world over!

If you are interested in a YoHo subscription check out our Patreon tier where they will be sent to your door hot off the press!

Unfolding Work

But not too long, it might get boring!